Education President Sends Letter Of Solidarity

Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen has addressed her concerns about the future of Guernsey Education in a letter sent to pupils and parents.

The Education President says the outcome of the latest State’s debate, which left the Reorganisation of Secondary and Post 16 Education defunded, could have serious consequences.

She predicts if the funding issue is not resolved, recruitment will become more difficult, and the quality of education will subsequently suffer – impacting the island’s future workforce.

P&R’s failed attempts to introduce GST and numerous other revenue-generating ideas are mentioned in the letter.

She says the Assembly’s inability to find a solution to funding the ‘most important building programmes’ is a ‘conundrum’.

Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen then addresses the situation as a parent, saying she is ‘desperately disappointed’ at the Government’s lack of investment in new education infrastructure.

She ends the letter reaffirming her intention to return to the States at the ‘earliest opportunity’ to resolve the situation.

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