‘Excrement’ Left On Deputy’s Doorstep

Deputy Victoria Oliver arrived home Thursday (28 July) to find someone had left excrement on her doorstep.

The Development & Planning President has condemned the action, calling it ‘utterly unacceptable’.

It follows an Open Planning Meeting earlier this week, where her committee made the decision to build 68 homes at Pointues Rocques.

In an email to the media, Deputy Oliver says that not everyone will agree with the decisions the Planning Committee makes.

“Everyone has different opinions and I understand that, I know I will not always please everyone, especially on a planning committee.

Yesterday was a difficult long day. Every time we have an Open Planning Meeting we have the challenging task of weighing up the opinion of ALL stakeholders to the applications in their entirety and within the scope of the law.

I, like every other human, do not like all the negative comments and people being rude especially knowing my family are also potentially reading it, but understand that emotions run high and they are just words.

However, someone crossed the line yesterday by coming to our family home, fortunately while our three young children were out and left excrement on my door step just because I, and my colleagues, made a decision this person didn’t agree with.”

Chief Minister Deputy Peter Ferbrache has backed his colleague.

“That is absolutely unacceptable I regard the person who did that as vile scum. I ask them, but do not expect them to have the decency or courage so to do, to identify themselves to me.  We can then meet and that person can then explain how they regard such behaviour as acceptable.”

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