Employment opportunities showcased at Job Fair

Shannon Wilson and Lindsay Craggs from Randalls said finding staff since the outbreak of the pandemic had proved challenging when recruiting from around the world.

‘This has been a great way to speak to people locally about opportunities in hospitality in Guernsey, just to open their eyes to the idea of a progressive career at Randalls,’ said Ms Craggs.

‘In the past you could employ someone, they’d come over and start, but the quarantine restrictions for travellers mean it’s not like that any more – so we’re looking at other options.’

Randalls employs about 200 people and, although they are not under-staffed, the company is looking to recruit more local people for the long-awaited tourist summer.

Ms Wilson said last year was also a busy year: ‘With people not being able to travel off-island easily, people over here were making the most of the hospitality industry, and we’re expecting that to pick up even more this summer if all goes to plan on 1 July.’

Private Chad Sweet and Lieutenant Ollie McCaul had a busy morning talking to islanders about joining the army reserves part-time.

‘Many people do not realise that we are based here so it has been great to get the word out there that people with full-time jobs can join the army reserves and serve in Guernsey,’ said Private Sweet.

With drill nights once a week, training weekends with the Jersey squadron in the UK and further afield, Lt McCaul said people at the job fair had been keen to find out more about what exciting and rewarding opportunities the army could offer locally.

Looking for a career in healthcare was Christilda Simon, who said the fair had been really beneficial.

‘It’s a great chance to get lots of information on lots of different areas and see how your experience and interest could tie in to them,’ she said.

States recruitment officer Joe Hind was on hand to talk about the variety of career options.

Speaking generally, he said such events were a great way for people to meet informally with people high up in local firms to talk openly about opportunities and consider what path might be right for them.

‘Everyone I’ve spoken to has been really engaged, they’ve all had a genuine interest in finding out more about the variety of roles in the States, whether they’re looking for a career change or a first-time job.’

Guernsey Press