Did Your Child Get A Phone For Christmas?

Tuesday, 26 December 2023 11:00

Guernsey Police have given school children in years 4 to 8 a ‘toolkit’ that explains cyberbullying, digital stranger danger, and data sharing.

The force says as first-time phone ownership is becoming more prevalent with children under the age of 10, several safety issues need to be addressed.

Digital Safety Development Officer Laura Simpson has sent an informative leaflet to all schools.

She hopes it will spark serious conversations at home:

“Unfortunately there are people out there on the internet who want to get in touch with young people and they want to encourage young people to do things that are not safe.

This is about knowing, and having those thoughts and conversations before handing the devices over.”

She had this top tip:

“Please make sure that you have it set up so you have control over what apps your child can use, what you think is appropriate, and how you are going to monitor it.

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