Alderney’s puffin livestream is back for 2024

Thursday, 28 March 2024 16:30

Two cameras have been set up on Burhou – which is a small island just northwest of Alderney – to capture the Atlantic Puffins which have returned for the breeding season.

Run by the Alderney Wildlife Trust, one camera covers the main colony area, while the other remains in the birds’ burrow.

They hope to gather scientific data on the Atlantic Puffins, as they are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation on of Nature.

The European populations have declined due to human disturbance, climate change and pollution.

Viewers will see the puffins get reacquainted with their partners on land, gather supplies for their nests, and bring food back for the pufflings when they hatch.

By July, the young pufflings are expected to leave the burrow and head out to sea – they won’t return to land for five years, when they will begin to breed themselves.

Other wildlife, such as grey seals, buzzards and nocturnal storm petrels could also be captured on the cameras.

Setting up webcams on Burhou -  Alderney Wildlife Trust

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